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August 2021
New Beginnings
1 August 2021
Becky Reid
8 August 2021
Jock, Mitch and friends
15 August 2021
22 August 2021
Dr Blue - On The Road Again (Aotearoa NZ tour 2021)
29 August 2021
September 2021
Jay Clarkson Duo
5 September 2021
Songs from the Musicals
12 September 2021
Babies of 1951
19 September 2021
Gordon's Choice
26 September 2021
November 2021
Andrew London Duo
14 November 2021
Jay Clarkson Duo
Sunday, September 5, 2021

Starts 7:30 pm


A side project of the band Jay Clarkson & The Containers and utilising a Korg keyboard, a  Kramer “Striker” guitar and Clarkson’s unique vocals this duo presents atmospheric, moody compositions at a comfortable level of volume. Both musicians have many years experience of performance and presenting original NZ songs. Clarkson writes all her own material.

 Jay Clarkson: vocals & guitar ( the Playthings, They Were Expendable, the Expendables, Breathing Cage, The Matches)

Alan Haig on keyboards: ( David Kilgour & The Heavy 8s, The Chills, Snapper, Chug, Verlaines, Song Bong );.

“We rearrange the band songs to suit our 2-piece. It’s particularly enjoyable as a vocalist because I can hear myself clearly and relax in to it. Alan’s keyboards are a joy to work alongside of.”

Clarkson’s trademark finger-picking remains an integral part of her compositions. A band single Wakey Wakey World was recently released and a video is available to watch on YouTube and on Jay’s website:


$15 public
$10 members

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