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June 2021
Tall Folk
27 June 2021
July 2021
American Independence Day
4 July 2021
Good Habits
11 July 2021
Rare Byrds
18 July 2021
25 July 2021
August 2021
Becky Reid
8 August 2021
Dr Blue - On The Road Again (Aotearoa NZ tour 2021)
29 August 2021
September 2021
Songs from the Musicals
12 September 2021
Babies of 1951
19 September 2021
Wayne Meddings and Andy Parsons
26 September 2021
November 2021
Andrew London Duo
14 November 2021
Andrew London Duo
Sunday, November 14, 2021

Starts 7:30 pm

'Let's Talk About Me', 'I Hugged My Mate', ‘Middle Aged Man in Lycra', the titles say it all.  Andrew London's whimsical songs reflect mainstream culture with gentle irreverence, and playfully lampoon manyof society's obsessions and taboos. Themes run the gamut from rugby fans, driving habits, youthculture and weddings to male insecurities, technophobia, household appliances, pretentious socialites, andvarious other issues of concern to the average middle-aged, middle-class Antipodean baby-boomer.

Delivery is wrapped in an easy-going and accessible range of styles from 1940s-era ‘Hot Club’ swing to folk, blues, country and western swing; and London’s easy-going banter holds the show together with stories that draw the audience in and set up the songs.

Recent reviewers of London’s lyrical skills have made comparisons to the late John Clarke (who admitted to being a fan), Tim Minchin, Flanders and Swann, Tom Lehrer...even Noel Coward, and after a recent appearance live on

NZ’s National Radio, one commentator remarked 'The Andrew London Trio are Flight of the Conchords for Rest Homes!’. According to Downbeat USA, his 2004 album ‘Toasted’ , ‘.... lured listeners in with eccentric edges and devilishly clever wordplay’. A decade later the same publication reported that his album ‘Ladies a Plate’ ‘...reaches high levels of poise and affability while imparting witty lyrics that would draw quiet laughs of agreement from Mose Allison and Dave Frishberg’. 

His songs have been included in a national year 13 English syllabus, National Radio’s ‘Greatest Song Ever Written’, feature films (‘Second Hand Wedding’, ‘No Petrol, No Diesel’, ’No Ordinary Sheila’) and European CD compilations, and a stage show is currently in production. His trio has performed at festivals in Australia and Norfolk island, and is the only Kiwi act in recent times to have performed in Saudi Arabia.

 Kirsten London accompanies as bass guitarist, backing vocalist and prompt.


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