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October 2021
Catgut & Steel
3 October 2021
Phil Corfield Band
10 October 2021
Songs from the Musicals
17 October 2021
Babies of 1951
24 October 2021
Lucky Streak
31 October 2021
November 2021
Andrew London Duo
14 November 2021
Dames Do Dylan
28 November 2021
Babies of 1951
Sunday, October 24, 2021

Starts 7:30 pm

A number of folkies have turned 70 in the last year. They've had a lot of years to practise and those of them who can still move their fingers and/or remember words will show you what they can do. An eclectic night of music for your enjoyment!

Steve Barkman writes:-

"The '51ers celebrations have been re-scheduled to give us all something to do at Labour weekend, seeing as the festivals have, in the bud, been nipped.

The format is the same, just the dates have changed. We'd appreciate you letting us know numbers of those of you, and/or your entourage who intend attendance to help our planning endeavours. 

Friday 22nd 6:00pm on. Meet and greet and dinner and drinks at the Rope and Twine pub in South Dunedin.

Saturday 23rd 4.30-10.30pm A bit of a do at the Shiel Hill Venue centre. BYO food to heat up, suggest something simple and easy as we have only re-heat facilities. Drinks at the bar, ( No BYO ) this will help pay for the venue, so drink a lot...! Only kidding...... There'll be a good selection of beers, wines, coffee, fruit juices etc. Bring instruments for a sit around jam if you so wish.

Sunday 24th. a 'RAID' on the folk club by '51ers who will have songs ready to show their aging, but refined, talents. Let me know if you wish to do so, one item at least, if time and numbers allow, two. Of course you needn't be a '51er to attend, we need all the help we can get at our age.

 If you're a praying kind of person, put in a word for us all to keep the dreaded virus at bay and let this happen please. If you're not, do it too!

Kind wishes. Steve and Elly. Graham, Sandra and Neil."




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