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25 November 2018
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Jeff Bell and Colin Henderson
2 December 2018
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9 December 2018
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Andrew Lockwood (UK)
24 February 2019
Jeff Bell and Colin Henderson

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Starts 7:30 pm

Jeff and Colin both respected musicians in their own rights are once again joining forces to play a mixture of covers featuring songs from Bob Dylan to Adele.

Jeff has a much-admired voice and enjoys performing ballads with a country twist. Also, he is talented harmonica player and guitarist. He is a great Eagles fan so don’t be surprised if an Eagles song is on the set list. Colin is known for his sympathetic but forceful guitar style, sometimes even dabbling on a Mandola.

As a duo, they have been guests at The Canterbury Folk Festival held at Waipara and are regularly featured performers at the Christchurch Folk Club. They also featured as part of New Zealand Music Month performing at one of the many library gigs as well as performing at the Greendale venue. Earlier this year they took part in the ‘Southern raid’ alongwith Jim Card who is now back in the UK.

This should be a night to remember as they both also bring with them quite a good sense of humour .  Jeff…We like to enjoy our music and there is nothing better than to have a few laughs as well !! Both have appeared in many lineups in the past, but their long friendship means the opportunity to play as a duo whilst rare is always a pleasure and we hope you come along.

We can promise you a laid back night and songs you can sing to.

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